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Album of the Month - October
  • Concepts of Math: Book One
    Concepts of Math: Book One
    by Watchtower
Video of the Month - October
  • Let Me Feel Your Power [Blu-ray]
    Let Me Feel Your Power [Blu-ray]
    by Saxon
  • Metallica: Back to the Front: A Fully Authorized Visual History of the Master of Puppets Album and Tour
    Metallica: Back to the Front: A Fully Authorized Visual History of the Master of Puppets Album and Tour
    by Matt Taylor

CD of the Month
  • Mudvayne
    by Mudvayne
  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
    Electronic Arts

Inside Metal - Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock and Metal 2

Inside Metal is a series, of documentaries, put out by MetalRock Films.   These documentaries give you really good insight into the LA music scene.  The first documentary, in this series, is called Inside Metal: Pioneers of the of L.A. Hard Rock and Metal.  The first film, in this series, covers the L.A. rock scene from 1982 - 1986.  I decided to check out the second one first, because it starts from 1975 - 1981.  I'm not sure why they didn't do these in order, other than the fact, that maybe they thought that the 82 -  86 era, would be more popular.  It totally makes sense, if that is why they did it.

Inside Metal 2, is a very informative documentary, covering the rise of the L.A. Hard Rock and Metal scene.  It takes you back to when Van Halen broke, and covers the challenges that many of these bands faced, trying to emerge from the pack.  The DVD is chocked full of interviews, from some of your favorite artists.  I was also impressed that they had representation from some of the more obscure bands, from the era, like Max Havoc.  I have to say, this was a thoroughly entertaining watch, and left me craving more.  I'm definitely putting my order into Amazon, for Part 1.

Bottom Line: An in depth look, into one of the greatest rock scenes, to emerge from the USA.  lots of great interviews and information from the scene that would impact the metal world forever.

-Ragman is glad he decided to go in order. 


Podcast Interview: Ronnie Atkins

Legendary Pretty Maids singer Ronnie Atkins chats with Rags about his latest project: Nordic Union.Singer Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) stops by to talk with Ragman about his collaboration with Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) known as Nordic Union. So join TRTR for a little tête-à-tête about the new melodic hard rock album as well as his plans for Pretty Maids.

And don't forget to look for Nordic Union's self-titled new album which is available from Frontiers Music. HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks: Pretty Maids - Loveshine; Nordic Union - Hypocrisy, The War Has Begun, Every Heartbeat, Wide Awake; Pretty Maids - Hell on High Heels

Ronnie Atkins Interview


The Mutilator

The Mutilator, is one of those lost films, from the 80's, that didn't receive the accolades that it deserved, but thanks to Arrow Films, it will finally get its due, well maybe.  This film is a cookie cutter 80's slasher movie.  It includes bad acting, and of course the slasher as well as a pretty decent story line.  With the success of films like Halloween and Friday the 13th, films like this came out by the droves.  It is unfortunate that many of these films, have been forgotten, because there are truly some gems out there.

The Mutilator is about a group of teens that go to pack up one of their friends beach house, for the winter.  Little do they know, that there is a predator waiting in the wings to mutilate them.  Like I said, this is something right out of the Friday the 13th play-book, but it still works, without being a rip off.  Once I got passed the bad acting, I really got into the story as well as the special effects.  This movie seemed low budget, but the special effects were phenomenal.  I think at one point, it got so gory, I almost had to look away.  All I'm gonna say is meat hook, in an uncomfortable place.  OUCH!  The realism of some of the kill scenes, sent this one over the top for me.  Great movie.

Bottom Line: A typical slasher film, but with great special effects, especially for 1985.  The transfer to Bluray looks awesome.  Grab some popcorn and turn down the lights, and be prepared to be entertained.

-Ragman had some mini-puke during this one.


Podcast Interview: Torsten Ihlenfeld

Guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld of Brainstorm sits in for a great interview about his band's new album.German power metal stalwarts Brainstorm owe their sound in part to guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld for a great interview about what the band's up to, their latest album, and touring the world. So open a nice German beer (may we humbly suggest a nice Weihenstephaner?) and pull up a chair.

And please be sure to check out Brainstorm's latest album Scary Creatures, available from AMF Records! HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks: Brainstorm -  Entering Solitude, Sky Among the Clouds, How Much Can You Take, How Much Can You Take, We Are, Scary Creatures, and Recall the Real

Torsten Ihlenfeld Interview


Draconian - Sovran

Swedish doom metal masters Draconian do it again - this time with newcomer Heike Langhans's ethereal stylings.I maintain that one of - if not the best ways to hear doom metal is with a female vocalist. In this case, Swedish doom purveyors Draconian, whose melodic death metal sound has gradually become more black and doomy over the years, have released their latest album Sovran with newcomer Heike Langhans. And what a sound she lends to the gothic mood. Her look is even a good match, looking in promo photos like a dark earth mother/goddess with the rest of the crew surrounding her like musical priests. It's something.

Of course, the music has to serve the overall sound and it does that very well. Not all of the tunes on Sovran are doom dirges; tunes like No Lonelier Star and Stellar Tombs start out more like something from the band's melodeath origins before mellowing out to their morose conclusions. But, as it turns out, slower tunes like Pale Tortured Blue compliment Langhans' ethereal voice, who comes off like a dark reflection of Enya through a looking glass world of melancholia - and an effective counterpoint to Anders Jakobsson's gutteral vocals. Since mood accounts for most of the meat in this genre, it's clear Draconian has that covered just fine. the sludge of so much low end is often too muddy to appreciate for the music's nuances, but not so with this band, so kudos to the producers.

The Bottom Line: Gothic doom metal has its place, and few do it better than those crafty Swedes. Draconian's latest album mixes the vocal stylings of two very different singers to great effect with Anders Jakobsson's gutteral menace balanced by Heike Langhans' ethereal beauty. Nice work.

- Genghis really digs the doom metal from time to time...