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Album of the Month - August
  • Destrier
    Long Branch Records
Video of the Month - August
  • Metal Evolution (3 Discs)
    Metal Evolution (3 Discs)
    starring Sam Dunn
What's in the mind of Behemoth?
  • Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And The Profane: Behemoth And Beyond
    Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And The Profane: Behemoth And Beyond
    by Adam Nergal Darski, Mark Eglinton

CD of the Month
  • Mudvayne
    by Mudvayne
  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
    Electronic Arts

Soaked in Bleach (A Documentary About the Death of Kurt Cobain)

As many of you know, I'm not a Nirvana fan, and never will be.  I have gotten over the fact, that the music they made popular, in the early 90's, destroyed alot of great bands, from the 80's.  Okay, maybe I still hold a little bit of grudge, but can you blame me?  Seriously, when it comes to a documentary, it really doesn't depend on the genre for me. The latest to catch my eye, was one titled, Soaked in Bleach. 

Soaked in Bleach is a documentary, about the mysteries, surrounding the grunge icon's death.  I had seen other doc's on the topic, and was intrigued, so I thought, what the hell, how bad/good can it be.  Well this thing was awesome, nothing bad about it.  I'd seen other documentaries, on the subject, and thought that this was just one of those getting the Blueray treatment.  Little did I know, that this thing was filled with all sorts of incriminating evidence, against Kurt Cobain's wife, Courtney Love

The movie centers around a private detective (Tom Grant), whom was hired by Love, to try to track down Cobain, approx. 7 or so days, before his, alleged, suicide.  The movie centers around re-enactments, as well as current interviews with the P.i., and others close to the Cobain's.  This doc is so well done, and presents so much evidence, that the viewer start to wonder if Kurt's death was a suicide or really a murder, in disguise.  It will defintiely leave you scratching your head a bit.  This one was intriguing from beginning to end.  You must watch this movie.

Bottom Line:  Nirvana fan or not, this is an excellent documentary, which will leave you thinking until the end.  It is a real life who done it.  You'll be especially intrigued, when you hear the live tapes, that Tom recorded with Courtney, it'll blow your mind.

-Ragman is thinking Courtney is not a fan of this doc.  Also he was pissed, that The Mentor's were not featured in this one, as they were, in the last one he viewed on the subject.


Instanika - Moon Rain

Instanika is a 4 piece which hails from Toronto.  The band is a mix of blues and alt rock with an edge.  They have recently just released the debut record Moon Rain, which contains 10 hook laden tunes.  The band has kind of a garage rock feel to it, which would be cool, if they were playing in your backyard.  Their sound reminds me of some of the bands that came out of the post grunge movement.  They are not grungy, but their not alternative either.  A cool thing for these guys, is that they infuse some blues to round out their sound.

Moon Rain started off a little slow with me, but has gotten better with a few more spins.  The first track to grab me, was Vroom Vroom, which is one of the heavier tracks, that contains a really cool groove.  The songs are pretty well structured, but could use some tightening up.  I see this with many bands.  They have a good idea, but they don't finish.  Make sense?  Either that, or they try to mash up too many ideas into one song, which ends up leaving you unsatisfied, like with the track Helium.  With additional work, these guys could be on to something really cool.

Standout Tracks: Vroom Vroom, Filipina, Living It All

Bottom Line: The songs on Moon Rain are okay, but could use some tweaking.  The songs are pretty basic, but do have melody.  If you're looking for a band with some garage rock attitude, then these are your guys.  If you're looking for something more polished, then this one may not be for you.

-Ragman could see these guys being a fun bar band.


Podcast #193: America

As their post-summer-sabbatical house cleaning continues, join Genghis & Ragman as they catch up and un-hatch some recent chats they had with 2 new stellar bands:

Lars Johansson (Fat.Mo.Mac, Candlemass) joined the guys to tell them about his latest blues project Fat.Mo.Mac featuring an incredible array of talented musicians all over this debut. He also discussed the latest goings on in Candlemass.

Brandon Baumann (Diamond Lane) sat in with the boys to chew the fat about their latest release Terrorizer and discuss how the band's quick rise to success has not affected them in a bad way as well as when and where they'll be in your town.

Video of the Show: Whitesnake - Live at Donnington 1990

Beer of the Show: Dragon's Milk Stout (New Holland Brewing Co.)
Appearance: 4.0
Aroma: 4.0
Palate: 4.0
Taste: 4.0
Overall: 4.0
"There's no shortage of barrel-aged stouts these days, but this one's oaky malt base finishes with some nice vanilla notes."

Featured Tracks: Riverdogs - America; Keel - 4th of July; Alcatraz - God Blessed Video; Whitesnake - Love Ain't No Stranger; Fat.Mo.Mac - Walk Alone, Kick Back, So Bad it Feels, Cold Woman, and Memories is All There Is; Diamond Lane - The Enemy, Drift, Cheating Death, and Hopeless Romantic

- Ragman is still dusting off the cobwebs, but it's gettin' there...

Podcast #193: America


Ace Frehley - Galactic Explorer

I am a sucker for a good interview.  I wouldn't necessarily going looking for a CD, of interviews, from one of my favorite artist, but if I stumbled across one, then I would be intrigued, to at least check it out.  Well, that said, I just stumbled across a new release, containing some un-cut interviews, from one of my favorite guitar players, Ace Frehley

Frehley has recently released a compilation of interviews, with him discussing his first two, post Kiss, solo records.  The title is Galactic Explorer.  This is a cool release, which interesting to hear from the man, himself, as to how those records came together.  My only complaint, is that is wasn't longer.  I also hoped to hear him talk some trash, about some of his former bandmates, but that didn't make the disk.  Overall, it was an interesting listening to hear how those first two solo records came together,  This is a must for Kiss fans.

Bottom Line: Ace giving us the skinny, on his first two releases.  It was very interesting to hear him speak candidly as to how the band was put together as well.  Kiss fans, will eat this one up with a spoon.

-Ragman is about to have a Frehley's Commet weekend.


American Gunea Pig - Bouquet of Guts and Glory

Apparently, American Guinea Pig is a series of highly grotesque and twisted films, which are about to take the horror genre by storm, well at least they hope.  The film I was lucky or unlucky enough to see was Bouquet of Guts and Gore.  The film is about a couple of girls, who are abducted by some wanna be snuff film makers.  The premise is cool, but the film really doesn't go anywhere.  I think it was made just to gross out the viewer.  The one good thing I can say, is that then did a good job of transitioning from 8MM film to video; it added a nice effect.

Like I said, these two girls get abducted, they are drugged and then dissected by a sick individual.  While these two women are tortured, two of the kidnappers film, the mutilation, while the 3rd guy dissects them, like a frog, in lab class.  All of the guys are wearing masks, like something out of The Purge, which is cool, but unfortunately, it is very hard to comprehend what they are saying. 

Like the title says, this is a gore fest, and with the way they filmed the movie, you'll cringe, because of the realism.  The special effects are spot on, which made this movie work.  As far as the plot goes, cool idea, but just gets stale after awhile, because there is no real story.  Just one guy slicing and dicing up these two women like lab rats.  Other than that, not much to it.  Lastly, if you watch this thing, make sure you watch to the end to see something really messed up.

Bottom Line: If you like your horror gory, and with not a lot of plot line than this one is for you, but if you're looking for a horror film with more substance, than you might want to look elsewhere.

-Ragman actually had to look away a few times.  This thing did what it set out to do, gross you out.