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Album of the Month - September
  • Sorceress
    Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Video of the Month - September
  • Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown (BluRay/DVD/CD) [Blu-ray]
    Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown (BluRay/DVD/CD) [Blu-ray]
    by Extreme
  • Metallica: Back to the Front: A Fully Authorized Visual History of the Master of Puppets Album and Tour
    Metallica: Back to the Front: A Fully Authorized Visual History of the Master of Puppets Album and Tour
    by Matt Taylor

CD of the Month
  • Mudvayne
    by Mudvayne
  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
    Electronic Arts

Bride of Re-Animator

Bride of Re-Animator has never received the same accolades as the first film.  I'm not sure why, because it is was a damn fine sequel.  Yeah I get it, it wasn't as strong as the first one, but what sequel is better than the original film?  Not many, I can assure you.  The film was released in the early 90's, and for its time, had some of the better special effects for the era.  The film has been sort of forgotten, but has just gotten the royal treatment from Arrow Video, which has given it new life.

If you never caught, Bride of Re-animator, but have seen the prequel, then you won't be too lost.  The film follows characters Herbert West and Dan Cain, eight months after Re-Animator.  The two have recently returned home after experimenting on corpses during the Peruvian Civil War.  The boys are back, at their day jobs, working in a hospital, doing their doctorly deeds, whilst experimenting on the dead.  the two are experimenting on joining various body parts and re-animating them.  Things go south when they re-animate Dan's girlfriend.

Bride of Re-Animator, looks great and has been transferred to high def.  The video looks fantastic and the sound is great as well.  This one is not groundbreaking, but fairly impressive it's time.  The special effects alone, are worth the watch.  I kind of reminds me of the Sam Raimi special effects from the Evil Dead.  The acting is solid and will keep you interested from start to finish.

Bottom Line: A forgotten gem, that has been given a second chance.  A sequel that wasn't give a chance to make it, due to the enormity of the prequel.

-Ragman is wondering if they'll start selling the re-animation fluid as an energy drink.


Irata - Sweet Loris

I'm always interested in rock trios, and Greensboro apparently is too.You know I'm always intrigued to find heavy bands that include female musicians. And North Carolina trio Irata blends a bit of grunge, doom metal, and psychedelic rock into a potent groove-heavy mixture that works well. Their sophomore effort Sweet Loris is a great entry in the growing (some would say overgrown) American doom/psychedelic/sludge movement if only for their sense of melody that is sorely lacking in the dour, too-stoned-to-care meanderings of most modern doom metal.

Right off the bat, with opener Lion Slayer, you get an almost proggy vibe with its bass riff as pedal tone that gives way to a wall of turgid distortion. This is fairly indicative of the overall pattern to the album's seven tracks of groove-heavy tunes - with Daisy being my favorite for its intense, monster chorus riff. And there's a kind of grungey sense of indie angst meets OG heavy metal feel to it all, like a Tool-meets-Soundgarden thing going on here that I really dig. This is the kind of band that will never be "huge" (if such even exists any more) but will absolutely rock the shit out every club they play, and I can't complain a bit about that.

The Bottom Line: It's amazing how bands can strip down to minimal members yet still make a sound that feels monumental. And when such a thing happens in small venues it can become practically a religious experience (altered states of consciousness may be involved, of course). I believe Irata is such a band, and if you're looking for great bottom-heavy groove metal, you may want to check these cats out.

- Genghis imagines this album playing in Greg Brady's bedroom in the den...


Judas Priest - Battle Cry 

Hey, if you didn't get to see Judas Priest on their last tour, then now you can, with their latest DVD Battle Cry.  Battle Cry was filmed at Wacken in 2015.  The band was in support of their latest record Redeemer of Souls.  The set list was a retrospective of the band's career, but also includes 3 new tracks, from the latest record.  I have to say the newer material sounded better live than in studio.  I do enjoy their new material, for the most part, but it doesn't have the punch, that they used deliver in the studio.  Call me old school, but I would like to see Tom Allom at the helm again, I'm just sayin'.  That said, I think the newer material comes off better live, than in the studio.

Battle Cry does not look as slick as some of the past Priest videos.  It is a little more grainy and the lights at Wacken, sometime distort the images on the screen.  I'm not sure if that is what they were going for, but I generally like a clear picture, which puts you in the front row.  I love concert videos, that make you feel like your at the concert.  The band sound great and put on one hell of a show, just as you would expect they would.  Ritchie Faulkner steals the show though.  This guy does not act like he has been in the band for just 5 years.  He walks around the stage like he owns the place, and proves it with his shredding.  I was a huge KK guy, but have totally accepted Ritchie as his replacement.  This DVD will make you a believer.

All in all solid Priest from start to finish.  The only thing is, and I hate to say it, is that there are a few kinks in the armour.  Though the show is great, and the band display a fair amount of energy, it appears they are showing their age a bit.  Glen sits back and does not command the stage like he once used to, but I think Ritchie compensates for that.  The other thing, is that you can clearly hear Halford struggling, at times, to hit some of the high notes.  In songs like Painkiller and Halls of Vahalla, the Metal God, has trouble sustaining some of the notes.  Hey, these guys are in their 60's, so I acknowledge that this is getting tougher.  That said, this is still solid performance and entertaining to watch.

Bottom Line: Priest still showing the new school, how it is done.  More than 40 years in, these guys are still going and rocking audiences around the world.  Another great Priest DVD to add to you collection.

- Ragman is still pissed that Priest skipped H-town on their last tour...


Lita Ford - Time Capsule

When an artist comes off a hot record, do you ever wonder if they stashed away some tunes, from that session, or preceding sessions, that never saw the light of day?  I do constantly.  I always wonder how many tracks were written for a classic record, and if there were leftovers, what happened to them.  Well, recently artists like Scorpions and Lita Ford have dug into their vaults and found some real gems.  In fact, both artists' latest releases are comprised of music that they did back in the day.  Lita is the latest of the two, to give of a taste, of some tunes that should have been released decades sooner.

Time Capsule is made up of 11 tracks that have sat in Lita's vaults for over 30 years.  I have to say, this is the best material, that she has released since her self titled record, back in 88'.  The album features a virtual who's who of hard rockers featuring, Gene Simmons, Jeff Scott Soto, Billy Sheehan and members of Cheap Trick.  The CD starts off strong with the song Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight which is a duet with Jeff Scott Soto.  It is a rocking ballad, which sets the tone for the CD.  The next track keeps the momentum going, with the ballad Killing Kind.  This is the track that features Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick.  Both songs are melodic and memorable.  They both contain infectious choruses, which will stick in your head for days.

This CD is full of solid material that was hatched over 30 years ago.  These tunes were brought back to life, thanks to Lita digging through some old tapes.  I have to say I really dig the melodic ballady tracks on this record, opposed to the rockier tracks.  I think that the ballads are more solid and have more hooks.  Also, I have to give props to Lita on her guitar playing on this CD.  I really dug her take, on the classic Hendrix instrumental, Little Wing.  All in all a solid effort.  Some of the faster tracks, can come off a little dated, lyric wise, but it doesn't matter, because they still rock.  This one's a keeper.  Go get it.

Bottom Line: Lita unearthing some of her best material in years.  Even though some of these tracks are 30+ years old, they still stand up today. Great songs with great melody. Get your space suit on, because this one will transport you back to 1980 or something.

Stand Out Tracks: War of the Angels, Killing Kind, Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight, and Little Wing

- Ragman was taken by surprise with this one...


The Zero Boys

Well, Arrow Films has done it again, by bringing back an underground classic on Bluray.  The latest film they have un-earthed and given the first class treatment, is a film called The Zero Boys.  The Zero Boys is about a paintball team of the same name, that decides to take a roadie, to celebrate their latest victory.  As the team and their respective lady friends, are taking a break from driving, they hear a woman screaming through the woods.  Of course, they go to check it out and discover and abandoned house ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with nicer interior.  Long story short, they have stumbled across the home of some demented serial killers and the only thing that can save them are their mad paintball skills.

The Zeros Boys looks great with the transfer to Bluray.  I had never scene the original, but can tell that Arrow did a nice job bringing this one into the 21st century.  The acting as you would expect is subpar, but this is an 80's action horror flick, so what do you expect?  The special effects aren't bad, especially for the 80's.  It is your prototypical 80's slasher flick, leaning heavily on films that had succeeded before it.  All in all an entertaining watch. 

Bottom LineThis is a poor mans Texas Chainsaw.  Kids in the woods, who stumble across a demented mass muderering family.  Sound familiar?

-Ragman is thinking that Tobe Hooper is saying, been there done that.