Asomvel - Knuckle Duster
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 2:30PM
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Oi! This is some kick ass motör-lovin' UK metal an' you better believe it!The retro train keeps on a rollin'. And, in fact, it's been doing so long enough that one might have to question whether this is "a thing", or simply the evolution of rock music happening right in front of us. After all, it's not that the music itself is a bad thing, it's the poseurs that make it annoying.

The lads of Asomvel have been doing their thing for nigh 20 years, so the idea of them being poseurs is ridiculous. And you'll know it as soon as you get a listen, as this is classic British hard rock/heavy metal in the vein of their legendary fellow countrymen Motörhead.

Their second(!) album, Knuckle Duster, marks the triumphant return of a band whose story reads like that of Spinal Tap or Bad News, having actually gone through much of the same trials (multiple drummers, obscurity, etc.) on their way to rock history - even culminating with the tragic loss of one of their founding brothers, bassist/vocalist Jay-Jay Winter in an auto accident. This is as real as metal gets, folks, and you can hear it in their music that's so down and dirty you'll need a pumice stone to wash your hands and face after a listen.

The Bottom Line: This is some authentic, working class metal from the UK happening here. If you're a fan of Ol' Lemmy and company you owe it to yourself to check these Brits out. It's as simple as that. Now somebody beer me! Anybody got a light?

Tracks That Require You Wear A Leather Jacket Or Pants: The whole damned thing

- Genghis always did want a leather biker jacket...

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