Jane's Addiction - Alive at Twenty-Five
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 8:36PM
Ragman in DVD Reviews

It is hard to believe that Ritual De Lo Habitual is 25 years old.  Damn I'm getting old.  I remember when me and the boys would hit the streets, on a Saturday night, and crank up Stop! and Been Caught Stealing.  Man, those were the days.  That said, this album stands up very well over time and is a bona fide classic, with alternative as well as metal fans. 

Last September Jane's Addiction took the stage at Irvine Meadows, before it was tore down, and performed their masterpiece in it's entirety.  Thank goodness for those of us that weren't able to attend, the band shot this magical performance and have just released it via MVD Visual and Cleopatra.  The band was on fire that night and executed each song with perfection.  As a bonus, they also threw in some other classics to round out their 13 song set.

Alive at Twenty-Five is shot beautifully.  It is one of those Blu-rays that gives you a sense of being in the front row.  The picture is crystal clear and the audio sounds amazing.  The Silver Spoon edition includes the Blu-ray, DVD and an audio CD.  This is a really nice package and is a must for Jane's Addiction fans.

Bottom Line: A fitting tribute to one of the band's stronger efforts.  The band play and sound amazing.

-Ragman has to see these guys live at some point.

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