Kinlin - The Last Stand
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 9:01PM
Ragman in CD Reviews

I love when I find a new band, but I'm always a little perplexed when I find out that  they've been around 10 plus years.  The latest band, with these credentials, to kick my ass is Florida's Kinlin.  Kinlin brings the heavy on their latest release The Last Stand.  The band mixes in several influences to create a killer sound.  They are a mix of solid hard rock with a metallic edge.  Think Shinedown and Godsmack mixed with a little Metallica and you would be pretty close.  The Last Stand marks the bands 3rd studio release.

The Last Stand starts off strong with the opening track Wake Up, which is an uptempo rocker with a killer riff that drives the tune.  It has a little bit of a Godsmack feel to it, but with more melody.  The next track to really get my ear was the ballad Forever and a Day.  The song starts off with an acoustic intro before kicking into a very nice melodic guitar harmony.  It has a classic rock vibe to it, that draws you in right away.  The chorus is infectious and will stay in your head.  Great song.

This album is chock full of great tracks and flows very well.  I really like how this band brings in elements of the past and melds them with a new more modern sound.  A great example of this is the killer track Suffer and Pray.  Again, this band is able to create very memorable choruses, that will stick with you for days.  There are a few clunkers on this release, but all in all this is a very solid release from a new band, that ain't so new.  This one's a keeper.

Bottom LineSolid hard rock with lots of melody.  This band can bring it.

Standout tracks: Forever and a Day, Wake Up, Suffer and Pray and Stand or Fall

-Ragman is thinking that he needs to dig into to these guys back catalog.

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