Summer Vacation Shenanigans 2017
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 6:17PM
Genghis in David Ellefson, Dystopia Tour 2017, Italy, Megadeth, Milan, Site News, bassist

As you know, it's summer vacation time here at The Right To Rock studios, but that doesn't mean the lads aren't out and about doing things with a metal edge to them, amirite?

Case in point, Ragman just sent word of him and the Metal Munchkin running into a certain bass player for a certain seminal thrash band while grabbing breakfast in Milan, Italy. So, obviously, he grabbed a promo...

Here's hoping we can bring you an interview with some of these cats in the near future. Until then, if you haven't seen them on tour this year (and still have the chance), do yourself a favor and check 'em out, cuz they blow doors everywhere they go. And get that new album, Dystopia, from your favorite merchants online or otherwise, capisce? Oh, and...


- Genghis is a *little* jealous - but he is heading for San Diego next week...

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