Podcast #247:  Dinner
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 10:04PM
Ragman in Podcasts

It used to be that, dinner and a show meant, dinner and a movie, but now it means dinner at a live show.  Man, how things have changed over the years.  It seems like the Vegas mentality has taken over the concert scene and has became fairly popular.  Just like rock or metal cruises, promoters have found new ways to entice fans to go to a show, by making it an event.  There is a growing trend for matching a good meal with a killer live show.  Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss their thoughts on this growing phenomenon.  Also, the boys dissect the latest live Blu-Ray from Dokken.  Is it live or has it been touched up?  Join G & R to see what they're thinking.  If that weren't enough the boys brought in Dynazty vocalist Nils Molin for a chat.  Nils discusses the Dynazty's latest release Firesign, as well as their upcoming tour plans.

DVD of the Show: Dokken - Return to the East (2016)

Beer of the Show: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. - Orange Mocha Frappuccino  Beer Rating:  3

Featured Tracks:  Be The Wolf - Action, Dokken - It's Not Love, Steven Wilson - Pariah, Dynazty - The Human Paradox, My Darkest Hour, Starfall, The Grey, Crack in the Shell

Ragman's Classic of the Show:  Stryper - Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)

Genghis' Classic of the Show:  Rainbow - Kill the King

Ragman's Pick of the Show:  Ethernity - The Prototype

Genghis' Pick of the Show: All That Remains - Fuck Love

-Ragman can't believe another year has passed.  Slow down - time!

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