Last House On the Left (Limited Edition)
Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 8:38PM
Ragman in DVD Reviews

Last House of the Left is a classic film that is sometimes forgotten, when you think of Wes Craven.  This was Wes Craven's directorial debut and sometimes get overlooked, due to the success of Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream etc....That said, Last House was just given the BluRay treatment via Arrow Films.  Arrow has done a nice job with this 2 disc set which includes the original cut, as well as the BluRay version, as well as a ton of extras.

The Last House On the Left is about a girl named Mari who has just turned 17, and is going out on the town to see a show and to score some drugs.  Well unfortunately for Mari and her friend Phyllis, they picked the wrong folks to score some grass from.  Upon getting their score, the girls are kidnapped and taken to the woods where they're raped and tortured, and not in that order.  Next the killers get more than they bargained for, after their exploits with the young women.  This is a classic, that influenced several films that preceded it. 

Bottom Line: Another classic given the BluRay treatment.  You forget what a great movie this is until you plug it in.  this is a must for horror fans.  See where the genius of Wes Craven began.

-Ragman forgot how awesome and disturbing this movie was.

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