Podcast #237:  Youngins
Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 10:29PM
Ragman in Podcasts

Kids playing metal or hard rock - Do you get turned off when you see a small child  playing music, or is it inspiring?  Do you see it as a gimmick, especially if it is the child of a well known musician?  Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss child prodigies and their impact on the scene.  Next the boys welcome back shredder Ethan Brosh for a one on one.  Ethan discusses his latest release Conspiracy, as well as his recent tour with Ross the Boss.

DVD of the Show:  Kansas - DVD

Beer of the Show:  Clown Shoes - Beast From the Far East  Beer Rating:  4

Featured Tracks:  Kissn' Dynamite - I've Got the Fire, Testament - The Preacher, Kansas - Fight Fire With Fire, Dokken - It's Another Day, Steelheart - You Got Me Twisted, Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred, Ethan Brosh - Live the Dream, No Spring Chicken, The Road to Victory, Collision Course, Space Invaders

Ragman's Classic of the Show:  Stratovarius - The Kiss of Judas

Genghis' Classic of the Show:  Warlock - I Rule the Ruins

Ragman's Pick of the Show:  Voodoo Circle - Walk on the Line

Genghis' Pick of the Show:  Thundermother - Whatever

-Ragman is on a roll.

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