Podcast #250: Buff (Pt. 1)
Monday, February 4, 2019 at 9:22AM
Genghis in Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, Jamie Brown, Podcasts, Roxanne, beer flight, comeback, tour

After over thirty years since their debut, Roxanne returns with an interview with Jamie Brown.One of the show's favorite local craft breweries is the fantastic Buffalo Bayou Brewery - who just broke ground on their new brewery space. G&R are totally looking forward to it, but until then, they decided to do a tour and taste some great one of a kind beers while they talk metal as per usual, ya savvy? In fact, they talked so damn much, you're getting a two-parter. So kick back and imagine you're drinking suds with the guys as they try to avoid getting eaten by dogs. Hey, it could happen. Horns up!

Next, Rags talks to Jamie Brown, vocalist for Roxanne, about their new album, Radio Silence, as well as what the band's been up to after over thirty years of rockin'. If you like what you hear, please show the band some love by heading over to their page at Rat Pak Records.

Show Note: Obviously the lads didn't drink just one Beer of the Show, being surrounded by so many great choices. So they went with a brewery flight of three different beers. The results are as follows:

Featured Tracks: Jinjer - Perennial; Plini - Cascade; Judas Priest - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll; Van Halen - Top Jimmy; Rush - Everyday Glory; Allegaeon - Animate (Rush cover); Rush - La Villa Strangiato; Transatlantic - We All Need Some Light; Heavy Pettin' - Love Times Love; Haken - Nill By Mouth; Black Ink River - Useless; Roxanne - Nothin to Lose, Superbad, Thin Blue Line & Go Fuck Yourself

- Genghis can't wait for that new Buff Brewery space...

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