Band Vs Brand
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 9:40PM
Ragman in DVD Reviews, DVD of the Month

When did the brand, get bigger than the band?  No one really knows, but it was thought to have started in the 40's and 50's.  As many of us know, the band name is the thing that brings people in the door.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for some bands, the band's name sells tickets, no matter who is in the band.  Perfect examples are Kiss and Foreigner.  As bands get older and members change, the casual fan, does not notice which members have been replaced.

Band Vs Brand is a new documentary focussing on the band vs brand comparison.  Filmmaker Bob Nalbandian decided to tackle this topic for his latest documentary.  Bob is best known for his Inside Metal series, but has taken things to a new level with this latest documentary.  Not only does the film explore the bands with revolving doors, but it also looks at the the entrepreneur skills of several artists.  Not only do these guys make music, they also sell coffee, alcohol and hot sauce using their band's name to market their products.  Since the music industry is in a shambles, as far as record sales go, several band have found new ways to make a buck.  Band Vs Brand really opens your eyes up to the way the music business is run today, opposed to yesteryear. This one's a keeper folks.

Bottom LineAn in depth look at the music industry as it is today.  There are lots of insightful interviews with several hard rock and heavy metal legends.

-Ragman is amazed by how savvy some of these rockers are.


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