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Pearl - Little Immaculate White Fox

Pearl - Little Immaculate White FoxWhat do you do if you're the daughter of Meat Loaf and the fiancee of mosh master Scott Ian (Anthrax)?  Form a band and put out a CD, of course.  Well that is exactly what this former back up vocalist, for her dad and Motley Crue, has recently done with her debut CD Little Immaculate White FoxPearl Aday has lived the life of a rocker since the day she was born.  She literally grew up in recording studio's and on the road; during the height of her father's career.  Pearl's influences run from AC/DC to Janis Joplin.  Actually if you look at the cover of her CD, it will remind you of a Joplin record.  Pearl was named after Joplin's nickname, by her biological father, who played drums in Janis' Full Tilt Boogie Band.  For her debut, Pearl enlisted a heavy arsenal of musicians to help her out like Scott Ian, Ted Nugent and Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains).  Even though this CD has all of the makings of a new millennium version of Janis Joplin, Aday has many other influences to make this hopefully a rockin debut.  Let's see if it rocks.

LIWF begins with track Rock Child, which is an autobiographical tune about Pearl's upbringing.  It is a uptempo rocker that oozes with 80's flair.  It actually has a Motley Crue blues vibe to it, and is an adequate way to start the CD.  The next track Broken White, is not as strong and actually will make you reach for the FF button with lightning speed.  It is a midtempo blues rocker full of cheesey lyrics.  The next 3 tracks, Nutbush City Limits, Check Out Charlie and Mama are probably the strongest tracks on the CD.  Nutbush and Charlie are killer rockers with cool riffs and catchy melodies.  Mama is a bluesy type classic rock ballad that flows well and is very soulful.  After track 7, I began to lose interest in the CD, because I don't feel the songs were as strong as they were on the first half of the CD; with the exception of Broken White, which I didn't dig.  All in all not a bad CD.  There are some highs and lows, but I think the highs win out.  The one track that sticks out like a sore thumb, is the Punk inspired Whore.  If the track were good, I would show some mercy, but Aday is out of her element on that track and it just doesn't work.

Bottom Line: A surprisingly good debut with a nice mix of 70's and 80's blues rock.  LIWF is a strong enough debut that Pearl will be able to stand on her own without be in the shadows of the Loaf.

Standout Tracks: Nutbush City Limits, Check Out Charlie, Mama and Nobody

- Ragman is feeling bluesy

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