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Trixter - New Audio Machine

It has been 20 years since Trixter have put out any new music.  Trixter is one of those one hit wonders, that could have been more, had it not been for their timing.  They came out right before the grunge implosion, and had some success, but by the time their 2nd CD Hear! came out, it was all over.  It was ashame, because I think Hear! was stronger than their debut.  Fast forward 20 years, and the band is back with New Audio Machine.  This is the first new material we have had from the band in awhile, so it will be interesting to see/hear how well they did.

New Audio Machine is Trxiter in the new millennium and sounding a little more mature and a tad more modern, which is what you would expect.  The CD starts off strong with the catchy as hell Drag Me Down.  It starts off acoustic, before kicking in with a killer groove.  As I mentioned before it has a catchy melody and chorus that will etch itself into your memory.  The next track Get On It, keeps the momentum going and rocks you just as hard, but after that the CD starts to drag a little.  There are some okay tunes, but nothing that grabs you.  It wasn't until the 5th track Live For the Day, that my ears perked up again.  It is a solid power ballad from the band, that'll bring a tear to your eye.  The rest of the disc was kind of a hit and miss.  Not a great CD, but not bad one either.  I think this one will grow on me in time.

Bottom LineTrixter showing that they can still deliver the goods.  Not their best effort, but definitely something to build on, in the event that there is another.  For fans of melodic hard rock.

Standout Tracks Drag Me Down, Get On It, Tattoos and Misery and The Coolest Thing.

-Ragman was hoping for a little more from this one.

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