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Triumph - Live at Sweden Rock Festival (CD/DVD)

Well Triumph fans have been clamoring for some time, for new material from the band and they have finally delivered, well kind of.  Triumph have just released their live performance from the Sweden Rock Festival, which was recorded only a mere 4 years ago.  The show is a document, of one of the select shows the band did on their brief reunion tour.  After 20 years apart, the band put their differences aside and did a string of festivals around the world and Live at Sweden Rock is a document of this occasion.  Being a major Triumph fan, I was extremely bummed the band didn't make it to my town, but now. at least I have a document of this reunion.  The band is still on good terms, but is not going to do more until the musical economy gets a bit stronger.

Live at Sweden Rock, as you might of guessed, is a greatest hits set done live, with a few twists.  Very surprised to see Blinding Light Snow/Moon Child in the set.  Killer tune!  Yes the guys look a bit older, but man can they still rock.  After being apart for so long, it was really cool to see the band playing together and having a good time.  The band were firing on all cylinders and sound amazing on this set, with only a few exceptions.  Rik Emmett had a little bit of a rough time, vocally, with Fight the Good Fight, but take into account it has been 20 years since he has sang the tune, and he ain't getting any younger.  Overall it was impressive to hear how well Emmett and Gil Moore sounded vocally.  Apparently they haven't lost too much over the years.

The bonus of this release, is that you not only get a CD, but you also get a DVD as well.  It doesn't get much better than that.  The visual portion of the package, is your standard festival live footage.  It looks like it has been remastered, but it looks like typical festival concert footage.  The audio is solid, just like you would expect.  As usual Mike Levine does a nice job putting these things together.  My only critique is that the band did a cover of Rocky Mountain Way, in lieu of playing their own material.  Though it sounds good, I would have preferred one of their own tunes.  I mean they have been gone for 20 years, why are they doing a Joe Walsh cover?  I would have much rather heard Spellbound, Hold On or anything from their catalog.  All is all a solid release. 

Editor's note: I've corrected the mispelling of Mr. Emmett's name. Sorry, Rik.

Bottom Line: Triumph proving that 20 years apart didn't change a thing; they still kick ass.  A great live set from one of the best power trios of our time, even though they have a little help now and again.  A great live package giving you the best of both worlds - CD and a DVD combo pack.

Ragman hopes to one day hear a new Triumph studio album...

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Reader Comments (2)

How can a "big Triumph fan" like yourself spell Rik's first name wrong?

Anyway, I agree with you about "Rocky Mountain Way." Why play a cover song when there are SO many Triumph songs that could be played?

October 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChad

Good catch on the misspelling there, Chad. Our editor has been dealt with accordingly (read: no beer for a week).

- Genghis needs to be a little more on the ball...

October 17, 2012 | Registered CommenterGenghis

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