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  • Retribution
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Microwave Massacre (BluRay)

Arrow has just released another lost gem.  Microwave Massacre came out in 1983, but was not seen by many.  It was billed as the worst horror film of all time.  I'm not sure how it got this description, because I thought it was hilarious.  It is not as much of a horror film as it is a black comedy.  It is one of the those lost B-rated gems from the early 80's, that just got lost in the shuffle, due to the explosion of the genre.  The early 80's birthed some of the the most classic horror films or all time, and unfortunely, some films got cast aside. 

Microwave Massacre is about a construction worker named Donald who is in search of normal food.  His wife is hellbent on cooking him gourmet meals, but he would be happy with just a bologna and cheese sandwich.  Well after a day of heavy drinking, Donald comes home and looses it on his wife and ends up offing her.  Not sure what to do after the murder, he decides to cut her up and put her in the freezer to hide the evidence.  Once Donald has disposed of her remains, he get hungry and mistakenly eats part of his wife, and likes it.  Yep, Donald has turned in to a cannibal and goes on a killing spree to maintain his new diet.  This one was fun, but not scary at all.  A perfect bowl of popcorn and a beer movie.

Bottom Line: A campy black comedy full of bad acting and special effects, but just kooky enough to keep you entertained.

-Ragman has abstained from using the microwave.

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