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Podcast #224: Vacation

Tonight, we talk with Billy Sherwood, the man behind one of our all-time favorite, criminally underrated, albums/bands.The lads have made it through another summer sabbatical - as well as the giant boil on Houston's ass known as Hurricane Harvey - and celebrate with a long show that recounts their time off this year and the musical backdrop that supported it. Throw in some exotic beers from the four corners of the planet, and some killer tunes, and you get this XL-sized effort. Enjoy!

Next, Ragman snags a chat with the one and only Billy Sherwood, bassist/vocalist for World Trade, for a much anticipated conversation. Billy discusses Unify, the band's first album in over twenty years, as well the band's relationship with Chris Squire and Yes. This is an extra big post-summer show, so beer up - and HORNS UP!

Video of the Show: Primal Fear: Angels Of Mercy - Live In Germany

1st Beer of the Show: Orange Blossom Mandarin Wheat (Papago Brewing)
Appearance: 3.0
Aroma: 2.5
Palate: 3.5
Taste: 3.5
Overall: 3.0
"This citrusy wheat beer from Arizona makes for a refreshing treat during the summer months."
2nd Beer of the Show: Scary Jesus Rockstar (Dark Horse Brewing Co.)
Appearance: 3.0
Aroma: 3.0
Palate: 4.0
Taste: 4.0
Overall: 3.5
"This pairing of herby chamomile and the lightly sweet tartness of apricots is a work of mad genius. Bravo!"

3rd Beer of the Show: Affenkönig Imperial IPA (Brew Age)
Appearance: 3.5
Aroma: 3.0
Palate: 3.0
Taste: 3.0
Overall: 3.0
"Austria takes a dive into the craft beer scene with an impressive entry of an imperial IPA. Wunderbar!"

Featured Tracks: Antisect - The Last Ones Standing; Fifth Angel - Angels Of Mercy; Primal Fear - Angel In Black; Lynch Mob - Mr. Jekyll And Hyde; Jag Panzer - Symphony Of Terror; Megadeth - Poisonous Shadows; World Trade - (Ask Ragman, since he didn't tell me)

Ragman's Classic of the Show: ZZ Top - Pincushion

Genghis' Classic of the Show: Def Leppard - Action Not Words

Ragman's Pick of the Week: Steven Wilson - The Same Asylum As Before

Genghis' Pick of the Show: Hell In The Club - We Are On Fire

- Genghis is all about some more live shows before the year ends...

Podcast #224: Vacation

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