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Animal Drive - Bite!

Well, I just found my favorite new band and they're called Animal Drive.  Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia this 4 piece is set to take over the hard rock/metal world.  Animal Drive is part of Frontiers' New Breed family, which will be showcasing new talent.  Man, if this is the type of music that we're going to get from this New Breed part of the label, then count me in. 

Animal Drive was brought to the label by Jeff Scott Soto, after he met vocalist Dino Jelusik, whilst touring with T.S.O.  Thanks Jeff!  This band, may have one of the heaviest sounds on the label.  They are full on hard rock, with some progressive and modern elements.  Imagine Pink Cream 69 mixed with Bullet for My Valentine.  Don't get me wrong, they're not quite that heavy, but close.  Their songs focus on melody, but pack a metallic punch. 

The Band's debut record Bite!, is solid from start to finish.  The album has a nice variety and keeps you interested for the whole musical ride.  The first song to grab me was Tower of Lies (I Walk Alone), which is the 2nd single and video.  The song starts with a killer Skid Row type riff, that is punctuated with a nice Zakk Wylde type diminished harmonic.  The song has a great groove and Jelusic's killer vocals, take it over the edge.  Jelusic has this killer Russell Allen meets Jorn Lande meets David Readman type vibe.  Let's just say the guy is talented.  If that weren't enough, then the killer soloing by guitarist Ivan Keller will send you over the edge.  His solo in this tune if friggin awesome.

This album is full of killer riffs that will have you air guitar-ing like a maniac.  Bite! is all killer and no filler.  If you dig a great power ballad, if you can call it that, then Hands of Time, has your name all over it.  It starts off like a ballad, before it kicks into this killer Pink Cream type riff, which takes the tune to a new level.  I love how this band can mix the heavy with the melody, which is what this song is all about.  The killer riff the killer chorus, and finish with the killer solo.  What else is there.  Bite is chock full of these elements which will make it one of my early faves for album of the year.  This one is a must folks!

Bottom Line: A new band, that is doing it better than the veterans.  A stellar debut from an up and comer.  Good luck lads!

Standout Tracks: Tower of Lies (I Walk Alone), Hands of Time, Fade Away, Had Enough

-Ragman has hope for the future of hard rock and heavy metal.

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