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Podcast #253: Foreshadowing

When has a band stayed too long at the party?  Should there be a time limit on how long bands can stick around?  Should there be a set number, and if so what should that number be?  Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss some of the bands that should have hung it up years ago, as well as some of the bands that defy father time.  Next the boys welcome back Nightrage guitarist Marios lliopoulos to discuss his bands latest release Wolf to Man.  Marios explains concept behind Wolf to Man, and how it is a continuation from The Venomous.  He also discusses the band's upcoming tour.  So join us won't you.

DVD of the Show:  Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live Eagles Over Wacken 2012

Beer of the Show:  The Bruery - Mash & Coconut  Beer Rating:  3.5

Featured Tracks:  Steel Prophet - Damnation Calling, Saxon - The Secret of Flight, Savage Messiah - Wing and A Prayer, Borealis - The Offering, Rush - Grand Designs, The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up, Nightrage - Delirium of the Fallen, The Damned, Desensitized, Disconnecting the Dots, Affliction

-Ragman is ready to record some new shows.

Podcast #253: Foreshadowing

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