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Podcast #256:  Gimmick

Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss some recent shows they've attended.  From DT to ZZ Top, the boys have been pretty active.  Next they tackle the topic of gimmicks and discuss what bands have to do to try to pack a venue.  Is it playing a classic record in it's entirety or re-uniting the original line up to generate a buzz? Editor's Note:  G & R want to know what band and album you (the listener) would want to hear to guarantee your attendance at a show. 

The boys also discuss what signifies a great live experience.  If you're still jamming hard to that band a few weeks after the performance, then that's a pretty good sign.  Tune in to find out all of these things and much more. 

Next the boys caught up with vocalist Ray West and Freddy Ordine from Weapons of Anew for a heart to heart.  Ray and Freddy discuss their current tour with Scott Stapp as well as what is in store for the next studio album.  They also give some insight behind some of the deeper tracks on the last record as well as talk about the adjustments they made to their styles, and how they give Weapons of Anew a fresh sound.

DVD of the Show:  TNT - Encore (Live in Milano)

Beer of the show:  Brash - Milk the Venom  Beer Rating: 4

Featured tracks:  The Brink - Take Me Away, Vicious Rumors - Down to the Temple, TNT - As Far As the Eye Can See, Dream Theater - Untethered Angel, Strange Deja Vu, Nelson - After the Rain, In Flames - Scorn, Weapons Of Anew - Killshot, Speed, Awake, Undone, Blood From Stone

Ragman's classic of the show:  Van Halen - Amsterdam

Genghis' classic of the show:  Greg Howe - Kick It All Over

Ragman's pick of the show:  Devil's Hand - Justified

Genghis' pick of the show:  Burning Rain - Midnight Train

-Ragman can't thank Michael and the WOA guys enough for their hospitality.  Rock on guys!

Podcast #:256 - Gimmick

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