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  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
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Logan - The Great Unknown

Strong songs that get in your head and don't let go.If you're not familiar with Logan, well neither was I until about a week or two ago.  Logan is a 5 piece from Glasgow, Scotland who sound like they came from Canada.  The band has been givin er hell since 2003, but has just recently made it over to the US shores, with their new release The Great Unknown.  Logan has the power and aggression of a pissed off Nickleback mixed with the melody of Theory of a Deadman

Logan is not your typical buzz band because they're heavier and they have some elements of grunge mixed into their music.  Songs like Rock n Roll Way and Hallowed Ground have sort of a Pearl Jam vibe to them.  You know, a cool groove mixed with a little blues.  Nice!  I think my favorite track on the CD, currently, is the power ballad (don't say it), Save Me.  It is a late 80's style power ballad, that will get the lighters fickering (cell phones) lighting up an arena.   The structure of the song is solid, with a great melody.  I'm also favoring the following track Jump in Again, which is a slow rocker with a powerful chorus.  All in all a solid CD.

Bottom Line: Solid modern rock with an edge.  If these guys get the proper push, they will be a household name.  Strong songs that get in your head and don't let go.  A nice mix of modern rock with heavy blues.

Standout Tracks: Save Me, Jump In Again, Lost and Found, Hold My Hand and Hurricane

- Ragman is feeling lost


Rites of Ash - Like Venom

A metal band using auto tune? Riiiiiiight...Ever wonder what a metal band would sound like on auto tune?  If you're not familiar with auto tune, it is that weird vocal effect, that lots of pop artist's use, to make their voice sound robotic.  Not a fan of pop, I always attributed this vocal enhancer as a way to disguise a lack of vocal talent.  Rites of Ash are the first band, of the heavy nature, that I have heard using this effect, and I'm not sure it works that well.  Vocalist 80-2, yeah that's his name, can sing, so it boggles the mind as to why they would incorporate this effect into the mix.  Thank goodness, it isn't present throughout the whole CD. 

Rites of Ash is a different animal, because they mix sounds of pop, rap and rock into one interesting sound.  Don't get me wrong, the band is primarily a hard rock band, but they do infuse different elements, into their sound, to give them a distinct sound.  I think that is where the use of auto tune came into play.  It is hard to describe their sound, especially like on a track like Toxic (Her Lip Are Like Venom) because it sounds like a hard rocking pop song.  This CD is full of variety and surprises.  The next song Burn will definitely throw you for a loop, because of the death metal overtones represented in the tune.   This CD has it all from funk to pop to death metal.  A musical roller coaster ride that never comes off of the tracks.

Bottom Line: Rites of Ash offer the listener many different styles while sticking to their heavy roots.  A CD that will not get stale due to all of the different styles represented on the disk.  The songs are played well and the musicianaship is there.  I would say the mid-section of this CD is the strongest part of the record.

Standout Tracks: Burn, Dead Side of Hollywood, 3 Leaf Clover and The Sleeper

- Ragman takes off half a horn for the auto tune and is still scratching his head as to why this was used



Filter - The Trouble With Angels

Looks like the ol' boys still got it!I have to say, I haven't really followed Filter too closely over the years; aside from the track Hey Man, Nice Shot, I really couldn't tell you any song titles from their catalog.  It's not that they don't rock, because they do, but I think I always just viewed them as a NIN knock off.  Once NIN broke big, there were alot of copy cat bands that came out, and so the market just got too saturated for me. 

Well Richard Patrick and Co. have just released their 5th studio record called The Trouble With Angels.  I have to say that I was impressed after putting this CD, because it turned out being quite a bit more solid than I had originally thought.  This band is more than a NIN clone, by offering a nice mix of hard modern rock and industria.  I actually found some cool grooves on the CD like on the track No Love.  There is this cool heavy groove groove that gets the foot tapping and the head nodding.  Another track that I found interesting, is No Re-Entry where Patrick sings with so much conviction, that he comes off sounding like Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke).

I would say the first half of the record is okay, but with a few standouts.  It is the latter part of the record that I think some of the stronger tracks lie.  Tracks like the killer Catching A Falling Knife will keep you hitting the back button on your CD player repeatedly.  It has the vibe of Hey Man, but takes it to a new level.  This track make the whole CD worth the price of admission.  It rocks.  All in all a solid CD.

Bottom Line: Filter proves that they're still a viable force in the modern rock arena with solid songs and catchy melodies.  After a slow start this CD takes off and doesn't let up until it's over.

Standout Tracks: Catching a Falling Knife, No Entry, Drug Boy and Clouds

- Ragman realized this pony has more than one trick


Terra Nova - Come Alive

Dutch melodic rockers make a come [alive] back CD that ain't half badI admit that I know absolutely nothing about these Dutch melodic rockers.  And I don't think it really makes a difference either way, but you know, full disclosure and all.  Thing is, while the band originally made it big in the 90s, they ended up disbanding around the turn of the century only to be coaxed back into the studio in 2005 with a successful come back album of sorts. Fueled by their favorable reception after the band's hiatus, the Hendrix brothers have recorded an all new album aptly titled Come Alive.

It would seem that the band has lost none of its talent.  Again, I can't say I ever heard any of their stuff the first time around, but if you dig the sound of bands like Nation or Europe, you'll definitely love this album.  Brothers Ron and Fred Hendrix form the nucleus of the band, and their synchronicity no doubt plays a part in how tight and fluid is the overall sound on this disc.  I can't claim I'll be giving it multiple listens since the sound is so distinctly of another era, but there's no questioning their focus or talent.

The Bottom Line: With a solid sound of melodic rock bands of yore (circa early 90s), Terra Nova is a bit of an anachronism in today's soundscape. But there's no denying their passion and talent for crafting tightly focused, catchy riffs reminiscent of bands like Europe in their heyday.

- Genghis is looking for that old Nation CD


Halford - Live in Anaheim

A must for Halford fans, with the Metal God in his elementBefore re-joining Judas Priest in July of 2003, Metal God Rob Halford was on tour supporting his newest release, Crucible.  Little did we know at the time that The Metal God would be returning to his throne with Priest.  Live in Anaheim is a live recording of a show that the band did in Anaheim a month before he re-joined the lads.  This double CD package, also includes some live tracks from a show that the band did in Tokyo earlier that year. 

LIA is a nice collection of classic Priest, Fight and Halford tunes.  I was really impressed with the set, as Rob dug out some classic Priest to play on this tour.  Songs like Rapid Fire and Never Satisfied were a real treat to hear performed live.  I was also excited to see that the rare track Light Comes out of Black was included.  As far as the sound goes, the CD was mixed well and gives you a sense of being at the show.  My only critique, is that it sound is a little trebly at times.  The great thing is to hear how the band had grown together since the last live release.  I like the set list, but I would have liked to have heard a little more Fight included.  A nice disk to get us ready for the new CD as well as the live dates, coming this fall.

Bottom Line: The Metal God doing what he does best, performing live.  A 23 song platter of come and get you some.  Rob sounds great and re-assures you why he is still the Metal God.  The set list differs enough from the Live Insurrection disc to make this a must for Halford fans.

Standout Tracks: Light Comes Out of Black, Golgotha, Rapid Fire and Resurrection

- Ragman is ready for the new Halford