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  • Mudvayne
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  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
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Mekong Delta - Wanderer on the Edge of Time

Technical prog metal with melody? Mekong Delta pulls it off...You either get Mekong Delta or you don't.  There is no in between.  They are one of the more technical prog bands out there today.  The music is complex which can lose the listener at times, but if get it, then you will be in metal heaven.  MK have just released their 9th album Wanderer on the Edge of Time, which is a fifteen song concept record that takes the listener on a musical journey.  I would say about half the CD contains vocals, while the other is instrumental. 

New vocalist Martin LeMar delivers a commanding performance on each song that includes vocals; especially on the track Affection.  The vocal tracks are definitely the strongest tracks on the CD.  Don't get me wrong, the instrumentals rock, but this band is so sick, that you get a full dose of guitar gymnastics within every track, that they aren't really needed.  Mekong Delta have been victims of their own talent, because at times their music steers too far off the beaten path, which ends up loosing the listener.  I found this to be true on their last CD Lurking Fear, to an extent, but that is what you get with Mekong Delta.   I think the band was more focussed on Wanderer and has made this a more accessible CD, than their last effort.  All in all a solid CD.

Bottom Line Technical metal that contains melody, and is accessible and enjoyable.  Music that gives your senses a work out.  MK have molded the best of both worlds, by bringing in more melody, and creating memorable songs that will stick with you, rather than confuse you.  This would be a killer CD to circuit train to - talk about a workout.

Standout Tracks: The 5th Element, A Certain Fool, Affection and Mistaken Truth

- Ragman is now ready for the gym (not really)


Accept - Blood of the Nations

Their best album in 25 years - and no Udo? Whaaaaa?!I have to admit, when I first heard that Accept had replaced UDO, and they were going to put out new record, I was prepared to hate it.  After speaking to UDO, and hearing the early samples that the band had posted on their website, with new vocalist Mark Tornillo (ex- TT Quick),  it was obvious this was going to end poorly for the metal pioneers from Germany.  Being a fan of the band for so many years, I felt obligated to give their new CD The Blood of Nations a fair shake, and thank goodness I did.  This CD, is pure and simply, amazing.  This could be the best CD the band has put out since Metal Heart (1985).  Not to take away from the records the band did with UDO in the 90's, because there was some solid material on those CD's, but with Blood of the Nations, the band has taken it up a notch, and delivered a classic Accept record.

This CD is a throwback to the classic Accept sound, but with a more up to date production.  Thanks to veteran producer Andy Sneap.  Songs like the first single Teutonic Terror and the title track, will command you to throw your fist in the air and sing along.  Tornillo sounds great and doesn't try to be an UDO clone.  Mark's vocal style is similar to Dirkschneider's, but with better versatility.  We all know that UDO is not the best ballad vocalist, and this is where Mark shines, especially on the track Kill the Pain.  Hoffman and Co. sound great and have returned with a strong enough album to get the Accept machine rolling again.  This CD rocks!  Go get it!

Bottom Line: Accept is back and they are here to stay.  The best CD the band has produced in over 25 years, and believe it or not UDO was not involved.  Nay sayer's must check this one out, because Tornillo delivers the goods vocally and the rest of the band kills musically. 

- Ragman has his balls to the wall


Lights Camera Dead

After the first half hour, it ain't all that bad...Well it is getting closer to Halloween, so it's time to bring in some horror movie reviews.  My latest quest is a B-Rated horror flick called Lights Camera Dead.   LCD is a movie about and aspiring movie director named Ryan, that will do whatever it takes to make a great film.  Ryan and many of his friends have decided to make a horror film named The Music Box.   The Music Box is your classic serial killer/slasher film.  When the film doesn't go as planned, and the whole cast quits, Ryan devises a plan to get the cast back together and film them being murdered one, by one. 

In theory, this is a cool plot that should work, but as with most B-movies, the acting is poor and the special effect leave much to be desired.  The first 35 to 40 min. of the flick, are forgettable, but once the killing starts, things start to turn around.  The movie is not bad, but not great either.  Like I said the acting is poor, but the storyline is just interesting enough to keep you watching.  If you're bored, and are looking for a okay horror movie, then this is your film.

Bottom Line: B-movie that is worth a view, once you fastforward through the first 30 min. or so.  Also, a bonus is that friend of the show Richard Christy (Charred Walls of the Damned, The Howard Stern Show) makes a cameo.

- Ragman got what he expected


Demians - Mute

Unlike their first album, this one is more like background musicHot off the heels of their breakthrough debut CD, Demians is back with their sophomore effort Mute.  Mute is a bit of a departure from Building an Empire, because it is more raw and less polished than the debut.  I think the change in sound is mainly due to Nicholas Chapel electing to ditch the samples and use real instruments for the entire record.  The album is heavier and more modern than it's predecessor.  Songs like Feel Alive and Tidal, could be breakthrough songs, for the band, on Buzz radio, with the proper push. 

There are elements of the first record, like on the track Hesitation Waltz, but for the most part this CD stands alone, and takes the band in a new direction.  Demians toured with Porcupine Tree last year, and it appears that they made a big impression on Nicholas.  There are elements of PT on this CD, mixed with the Demians sound. There is also some experimentation on this record, like on the track Overhead, which has a middle eastern vibe to it, but unfortunately I think there was too much.  I missed some of the more proggier moments, that the first CD brought to the table.  Don't get me wrong, the CD has some strong tracks that will grab you, but unlike the first record, Mute takes several listens before you start to get it.

Bottom Line: One of those records you can just put on and forget about.  It is great background music, that unfortunately doesn't grab you enough to force you to bring it to the forefront.   A good record that will take several listens to get into.  Be patient my freind.

Standout Tracks: Tidal, Feel Alive, Heistation Waltz & Porcelain

- Ragman was hoping for a little more


Podcast #107: Dream

Last time aboard the train that goes around the world...It is still hard to believe that Mike Portnoy has left Dream Theater.  I shudder to think what might happen to the band having just lost a key member.  Yes, they're all talented, but Portnoy was such an integral part in this band's make up, that it will be hard to imagine them without him.  Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss the departure of Portnoy and the future of DT.  Next, the boys rounded up former TNT lead singer Tony Harnell for a one on one as he discusses his current project, The Mercury Train, and their debut CD, Round Trip.  Tony gives an in-depth look into the new CD and discusses the challenges of making an old song sound new.

Beer of the Show: Green's - Endeavor  Beer Rating: N/A

DVD of the Show: Dream Theater - Live at Budokan

Featured Tracks: James Labrie - Slightly Out of Reach; Dream Theater - Home; Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare; Iron Maiden - The Man Who Would Be King; Fates Warning - Eye to Eye; Mekong Delta - A Certain Fool; Dream Theater - Ytse Jam; Blind Gaurdian - Control the Divine; James Labrie - Mislead; Black Label Society - Parade of the Dead; TNT - As Far as the Eye Can See; Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train - Northern Lights, Somebody Told You, 10K Lovers, Ready to Fly & Uninvited; TNT - Too Late

Classics of the Show: Dream Theater - A Fortune in Lies & Vanishing Point - Surreal

Ragman Pick of the Show: System Divide - An Intoxicating Affair

Genghis Pick of the Show: Lemur Voice - Akasha Chronicles

- Ragman is spent

Podcast #107: Dream