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Sep7ember - Strange Ways of Going Home

Hailing from Germany, Sep7ember is the type of band that should do well on radio and the club circuit, where their alternative rock music will likely keep a new generation of disaffected youth bouncing. The music is fine for what it is, being well-written and produced.

The problem here is that the band sounds like it came out of the 90s. And I have a hard time getting excited about a new band making music that sounds almost 20 years old (which doesn't explain the career of The Foo Fighters, I know). Don't get me wrong, they do it well. They're not phoning it in, putting on any sort of cheesy act, or otherwise not taking their craft seriously, that much is clear.

I don't necessarily know the current state of alternative music in Europe, so I can't say whether Sep7ember is standing out from the crowd or blending in with it. But if you like the kind of straight ahead, non-threatening, alt-rock they make, you'd do well to pick this disc up and throw it into your dorm room party rotation.

The Bottom Line: As if stepping out of a time portal from the mid 90s, Sep7ember delivers a well-produced brand of inoffensive, alternative rock for a new generation of listeners looking for music to pass the time.

Future WB Series Background Music: I Hate NY, Gods Are Laughing, So (unplugged)

- Genghis may not hate NY, but he sure ain't fond of Boston...

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