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  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
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Podcast #248: Ornament

Miljenko's on the train to Rocksville. All aboard!It's that time again, kids. Time for The Right To Rock's annual Kicks & Kisses List. Genghis & Ragman have made their lists and checked them twice to find out what hard rock and heavy metal events of 2018 were naughty or nice. So, grab a seasonal ale, light a festive cigar, and kick those feet up as the lads wax nostalgic for 2018.

If that weren't enough the boys caught up with Steelheart vocalist Miljenko Matijevic to discuss his band's latest live release Rock 'N Milan as well as what is in store for 2019.  Miljenko also hints that there may be something happening with the leftover songs of Steel Dragon (from the Rockstar movie soundtrack!).  Plus, you get to compare your year's ups and downs with these two jamokes. Happy holidays, everybody - and HO-HO-HORNS UP!

DVD of the Show: Yes - Featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman (Live at the Apollo)

Beer of the Show: Goose Island Beer Co. - Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout (2018)
Appearance: 4.0
Aroma: 4.0
Palate: 4.0
Taste: 4.0
Overall: 4.0
"The geniuses at GI continue to make one of THE best stouts around. No contest. Find it and drink it - NOW."

2nd Beer of the Show: B-52 - Bourbonator  Overall Beer Rating: 3.5

Featured Tracks: King Diamond - No Presents for Christmas, AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas, Yes - Hold On, Vega - Standing Still, Fastway - If You Could See, Ihsahn - Lend Me the Eyes of Millenia, Roxanne - I Don't Want to Live This Way, Steelheart - Everybody Loves Eileen and We All Die Young

- Ragman is ready to rock in 2019!

Podcast #248: Ornament


Podcast #247:  Dinner

It used to be that, dinner and a show meant, dinner and a movie, but now it means dinner at a live show.  Man, how things have changed over the years.  It seems like the Vegas mentality has taken over the concert scene and has became fairly popular.  Just like rock or metal cruises, promoters have found new ways to entice fans to go to a show, by making it an event.  There is a growing trend for matching a good meal with a killer live show.  Join Genghis and Ragman as they discuss their thoughts on this growing phenomenon.  Also, the boys dissect the latest live Blu-Ray from Dokken.  Is it live or has it been touched up?  Join G & R to see what they're thinking.  If that weren't enough the boys brought in Dynazty vocalist Nils Molin for a chat.  Nils discusses the Dynazty's latest release Firesign, as well as their upcoming tour plans.

DVD of the Show: Dokken - Return to the East (2016)

Beer of the Show: Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. - Orange Mocha Frappuccino  Beer Rating:  3

Featured Tracks:  Be The Wolf - Action, Dokken - It's Not Love, Steven Wilson - Pariah, Dynazty - The Human Paradox, My Darkest Hour, Starfall, The Grey, Crack in the Shell

Ragman's Classic of the Show:  Stryper - Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)

Genghis' Classic of the Show:  Rainbow - Kill the King

Ragman's Pick of the Show:  Ethernity - The Prototype

Genghis' Pick of the Show: All That Remains - Fuck Love

-Ragman can't believe another year has passed.  Slow down - time!

Podcast#: 247 - Dinner


King Diamond - Songs for the Dead Live

It's hard to believe that King Diamond has been rocking us for over 40 years, and he hasn't lost anything.  I swear, the guy has been drinking from the fountain of youth, because he has lost nothing over the years vocally.  Yes, he has struggled with health issues, over the last several years, but he has come back stronger than ever.  After overcoming a heart attack and some major back issues, King has come back with a vengeance.  He hasn't put out any new music in awhile, but he has been actively performing.

A couple of years ago, King Diamond started performing his legendary album Abigail in it's entirety.  Luckily for us fans, he decided to record some of the shows.  On January 25th, 2019 Metal Blade Records will release a document of this tour, entitled Songs for the Dead Live.  The set includes a mix of King Diamond as well as Mercyful Fate tunes, before kicking into the Abigail album.  This show will be released on many platforms including Blu-ray, DVD, CD, vinyl as well as many special editions including much more.  This package is made up from two shows.  One show was recorded in Belgium at Graspop in 2016 and the other from Philadelphia at the Fillmore in 2015.

For the purpose of this review, I viewed the Blu-ray.  The beauty of this package is you get both shows, in their entirety.  Both shows are shot beautifully.  You really get a sense of being there, but with the best seat in the house.  The band sound great.  King has lost nothing vocally as mentioned previously.  I was amazed on how well the band sound.  The show was also enhanced with actors, acting out the Abigail album.  This is a must have for all King Diamond fans.  It is a well executed show by a metal veteran and his stellar band.

Bottom Line: King Diamond proving he is back and stronger than ever.  An amazing concert package.

-Ragman is still upset King cancelled the H-town date, on this tour.  Ok, he gets a pass, because he was sick.



Podcast Interview: Tracy G

Join the lads in their latest An Evening With... series as they welcome back guitarist Tracy G.  The boys recently caught up with, friend of the show, guitarist Tracy G, to discuss his band's latest release Land of Make Believe.  Tracy also discusses his thoughts on the Dio tribute bands as well as their relevance.  He also discusses his upcoming instrumental album as well as some of the guest guitarists that will be joining him. 

And hey if you dig the Tracy G's music as much as we do, then show him some love by purchasing his music from your favorite online store won't you?  Make sur to check out his video for Haunted, because it rocks -  HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks:  Tracy G Group - Bleed, Lil Diddy, Haunted, Escape, Goaded - As You Bleed

-Ragman wants to see the Tracy G Group live.

Podcast Interview - Tracy G


Podcast #246: Hair

The Hair Nation tour has come and gone, but how was it?  Join Genghis and Ragman as they look back at the night the tour blew through Houston.  The boys discuss their favorite moments from each band on the bill.  Next the boys caught up with, friends of the show, Chip Z'Nuff and Tony Fennel from Enuff Z'Nuff for a quick chat.  Chip discussed the success of the Hair Nation tour as well as when we can expect for the future.  Next the boys stumbled in to Marq Torien from BulletBoys.  Marq also discussed the Hair Nation tour as well as some of the deeper meanings behind some of their more recent music.  This is a star studded event, that shant be missed.  This one is mandatory folks!

Featured Tracks: Holter - I'll Die for You, Enuff Z' Nuff - Blue Island, Who's Got You Now, Fire & Ice, BulletBoys - Hard as a Rock, Symphony, Losing End Again.

-Ragman is wondering who will be on next year's bill.  If Sirius needs some suggestions, they know who to call, and it ain't Eddie.

Podcast #246: Hair