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Album of the Month - January
  • No Cross No Crown
    No Cross No Crown
    by Corrosion Of Conformity
Video of the Month - January
  • Return To Live (Blu-Ray)
    Return To Live (Blu-Ray)
    by Labyrinth
  • Metal: The Definitive Guide
    Metal: The Definitive Guide
    by Garry Sharpe-Young

CD of the Month
  • Mudvayne
    by Mudvayne
  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
    Electronic Arts

Podcast Interview: Nick Brophy (Riverdogs)

The lads talk to Riverdogs bassist Nick Brophy, who also happens to be a damn fine guitar player.The boys recently caught up with Nick Brophy (Riverdogs) to discuss the Riverdogs latest release, California. Since reforming the original line up in 2003, the band had only released one studio album until now. Nick discusses how the new album came together - as well as the possibility of a few live shows - and much, much more. 

And hey if you dig the Riverdogs' music as much as we do, show them some love by purchasing California from your favorite online store won't you? We here in Houston may have been knocked around recently, but we've still got our HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks: Riverdogs - Toy Soldier, Pennsylvania, Catalina, American Dream, Something Inside, Whisper, and Ten Thousand Reasons

- Ragman is wondering if he'll have to fly to Italy to see Riverdogs live (it would be worth it!)...

Podcast Interview: Nick Brophy


Podcast Interview: Michael Monroe

Michael still looks as good as he sounds, wouldn't you say?The boys recently caught up with Michael Monroe to discuss his latest release, The Best.  Michael discussed how he determined which songs would land on this 2-disc Best Of, and also discussed the origins of some previously unreleased material as well as the new track One Foot Outta The Grave - and much, much more.   

And hey if you dig Michael Monroe's music as much as we do, show him some love by purchasing his latest album, The Best, from your favorite online store won't you? We here in Houston may have been knocked around recently, but we've still got our HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks: Michael Monroe - Dead Jail or Rock N' Roll, It's a Lie, One Foot Outta The Grave, Magic Carpet Ride, and Keep Your Eye on You

- Ragman was thinking of dying his hair, but then realized he had none...*DOH!*

Podcast Interview: Michael Monroe


Harvey Hits Houston

Purchase this shirt design and 100% of the proceeds go to JJ Watt's Houston Flood Relief Fund.As you may or may not know, The Genghis & Ragman Show is recorded live at Nightmare Studios in Houston, Texas. Luckily, the campus did not sustain flood damage, but it has delayed our recording schedule significantly. So, don't worry about us. We're all good. And we're quickly getting back up to speed thanks in large part to all of the first responders and the army of volunteers that have come from every corner of Texas and nearby states to offer their assistance in every way imaginable.

So, we'll try to get some content to you as soon as possible, but if you've been listening to the show for any length of time, well, you know the drill. We look forward to getting some shows out - especially for a chance to enjoy a well-deserved beer.

By the way, it may interest you to know that after a thorough investigation, we've concluded that John had nothing to do with this.

- Genghis wants to give a huge HORNS UP to the Cajun Navy for their efforts...


Brothers From Other Mothers

It's a continuing miracle that after having been diagnosed with ALS - and given 3 to 5 years to live - Jason Becker has been stable since 1997. Even more inspiring is his tendency to tweet out the love to fellow musicians on a fairly regular basis:

Class act all the way. If you're interested in supporting his efforts, you can check out his latest album in progress, or donate to the cause of ALS research.


- Genghis will never play that well - ever...


Summer Vacation Shenanigans 2017

As you know, it's summer vacation time here at The Right To Rock studios, but that doesn't mean the lads aren't out and about doing things with a metal edge to them, amirite?

Case in point, Ragman just sent word of him and the Metal Munchkin running into a certain bass player for a certain seminal thrash band while grabbing breakfast in Milan, Italy. So, obviously, he grabbed a promo...

Here's hoping we can bring you an interview with some of these cats in the near future. Until then, if you haven't seen them on tour this year (and still have the chance), do yourself a favor and check 'em out, cuz they blow doors everywhere they go. And get that new album, Dystopia, from your favorite merchants online or otherwise, capisce? Oh, and...


- Genghis is a *little* jealous - but he is heading for San Diego next week...