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  • Mudvayne
    by Mudvayne
  • Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition
    by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
  • Retribution
    by Shadows Fall
  • Brutal Legend
    Brutal Legend
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Podcast Interview: Duane Morano

The boys recently caught up with guitarist Duane Morano, to discuss his 80's hard rock tinged release Incognito.  Duane gives us insight on how his debut record came together, as well as how he assembled an all star cast of musicians to give him a hand.  Duane was able to hook up with Terry Illous (XYZ), Jeff Northrup, Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) as well as Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) to create a kick ass debut.  Even though Duane has has been on the scene for awhile, he is sort of a late bloomer, that never had the opportunity to get his music to the masses, until now.  Tune it to hear Duane's journey and much more.

And hey if you dig Duane Morano's music as much as we do, then show him some love by purchasing his music from your favorite online store won't you?  HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks:  Duane Morano - Barely Breathing, After the Love, I Want Love, Manhattan, Don't Believe You

-Ragman is thinking about picking up the guitar again.  Duane proved it's never too late...

Pdcast Interview - Duane Morano


Podcast #255:  What?

It's been a while since the boys have been in the studio, so we felt it was high time we gave you a super sized edition of the G & R show.  Join Genghis and Ragman as they catch up on some of the killer shows, that they have seen this summer.  The boys discuss the So What? Festival, in depth, as well as other shows, that they've been able to take in.  Next Ragman goes through hell and high-water, to catch up with one of his favorite bands Burning Rain.  Rags was lucky enough to catch up with guitarist Doug Aldrich and vocalist Keith St. John, before their first show in Houston.  Doug and Keith discuss their latest album Face the Music, as well as their stint in Europe and their upcoming U.S. dates.  They also dive into their past glories and shed light on what fans can expect from Burning Rain in the future. 

DVD of the Show:  King Diamond - Songs for the Dead Live

Beer of the Show:  Ingenious -The Tomb  Beer Rating:  4


Featured Tracks: Hollow Haze - Oblivion, King Diamond - Black Horsemen, Parkway Drive - The Void, Intervals - Touch and Go, Veil of Maya - Overthrow, Junius - A Mass for Metaphysicians, Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design, Dirty Honey - Down the Road, Born of Osiris - Under the Gun, Burning Rain - Stone Cold N' Crazy, Heaven Gets Me By, Revolution

Ragman's Classic of the Show:  Rush - Kid Gloves

Genghis' Classic of the Show:  Planet P - Why Me?

Ragman's Pick of the Show:  Of Mice & Men - Warzone

Genghis' Pick of the Show:  Jorn - Life on Death Road

- Ragman can't thank Burning Rain enough for their hospitality.

Podcast #:255 - What?


Podcast Interview: Billy Sherwood (Yes, Asia, World Trade)

The boys recently caught up with Yes/Asia/World Trade bassist/vocalist Billy Sherwood, to discuss his latest release Citizen of the Next Life as well as the approach he took with this release and how it differs from Citizen.  Billy also gives an in depth look into several tracks on the new release.  He also, discusses doing double duty in Yes and Asia, as well as weighing in on replacement musicians in bands.  Tune it to hear this and much more.

And hey if you dig Billy Sherwood's' music as much as we do, then show him some love by purchasing his music from your favorite online store won't you?  HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks:  World Trade - One Last Chance, Billy Sherwood - Sophia, We Shall Ride Again, Monet, Mata Hari, World Trade - Where We're Going

-Ragman is thinking the Citizen could be a cool movie.  Horns Up!.

Podcast Interview: Billy Sherwood


Podcast Interview: Carl Canedy (The Rods)

The boys recently caught up with The Rods drummer Carl Canedy, to discuss The Rods latest release Brotherhood of Metal and how it differs from their last release Vengeance.  Carl discusses what The Rods have been up to, as well as why it took 8 years for their latest release.  He also gives his opinion on the Dio hologram as well as discuss his relationship with the late great Ronnie James Dio.  Lastly, he talks about his other projects as well as some possible The Rods tour dates.

And hey if you dig The Rods' music as much as we do, then show them some love by purchasing their music from your favorite online store won't you?  HORNS UP!

Featured Tracks:  The Rods - Wild Dogs, Smoke on the Horizon, Party All Night, The Evil in Me, Brotherhood of Metal

-Ragman is feeing the brotherhood.  Horns Up!.

Podcast Interview: Carl Canedy (The Rods)


Podcast #254: Keel

It's been a long time since we did An Evening With..., so we thought we'd break one out for you. Join the boys as they bring in one of their favorite vocalists of all time, Ron Keel. Ron chats it up with the guys and covers the spectrum of his massive career. Get the skinny on the Ron Keel Band and their latest release Fight Like A Band, as well as some of the challenges he had to overcome to make this new record. Ron also gives his thoughts on rock biopics and the future of Keel.  Ron discusses these things, and much, much, more.

DVD of the Show:  Steelheart - Rock'n Milan

Beer of the Show:  Ingenious - Banana Coconut Double FroYo  Beer Rating:  3

Featured Tracks: Sweet Oblivion - True Colors, Steel Dragon - We All Die Young, Loudness - Let It Go, Keel - The Right to Rock, Back to the City, Ron Keel Band - Fire in the Rain, Road Ready, Good Songs, Bad Times, Keel - Somebody's Waiting

- Ragman Is thinking he needs to go to the next Keel-Fest!!!!

Podcast #:254 - Keel